Professional Services

Our services enable your organization to achieve the emergency management goals needed to mitigate, prepare, respond and recover from the many types of disasters (i.e. natural, technological or societal) that can occur.

The TME consultants will provide the expertise and service you are looking for from consulting to training and workshops to “real world” exercises to comprehensive planning and grant writing. With over 15 years of emergency management experience, the team of experts at TME use their extensive experience and present achievements to integrate the facets of today’s emergency management profile to benefit their clients.

The services we offer include:

  • Budget AdministrationDreamweaver CS3
  • Business Continuity Program Management
  • Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning
  • Continuity of Government/Operations Planning
  • Contract Management
  • Curriculum Development
  • Debris Management Planning
  • Detailed Budget Development, Analysis and Fiscal Impact
  • Event Coordination
  • Exercise Development
  • Federal and State Disaster Response and Management Policies and Regulations
  • Grant Development, Review and Administration
  • Healthcare Facility Emergency Planning
  • Incident Command System Training
  • L449 Approved Instructors
  • Law Enforcement “Simunitions” Training
  • Legislative Analysis
  • Local Mitigation Strategy Planning and Marketing Initiatives
  •   Personnel Recruitment, Retention and Development
  • Policy Development and AnalysisExercise
  • Post Disaster Redevelopment Planning
  • Project Coordination and Management
  • Public Relations
  • Research, Drafting, Examination and Implementation of Legislative Proposals
  •  Strategic Business Planning
  •  Technical Assistance
  •  Technical Regulatory Development and Evaluation
  •  Training Delivery and Implementation

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